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Online Teaching Classes during Covid is helpful for Our Child Future ? ?

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  • 1 month ago

    Students have been home-schooled for a long time and most are perfectly well adjusted socially. Yes, people need social interaction but they can do that in a safe and controlled manner (during the pandemic) even without school. Children were able to socialize before school was mandatory, so I don't think we should think about school as the only place children get/learn social skills.

    I think the online classes are better than nothing. The teaching and learning is difficult especially for the younger ages. I think it is a very difficult topic because it seems everyone talks about students as one big group, but there is a huge difference between a student in 1st grade and a student in 12th grade as far as their educational needs.

    While there are many more cons, there are probably some pros also. Students will learn how better to interact on virtual meetings when they may need to do this in the professional world. They will improve on collaborating remotely and similar things.

  • 1 month ago

    No.  The socialization they are missing, will actually be very bad for them. My dr. and I talked about this. she said they are not learning to skills of relating with other children, and that will have a negative affect on them later

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