2 Year warranty product still valid on (NEW, sealed) but secondhand item?

Hi all.

I'm thinking of purchasing a item on a well known auction site from a previous seller, still sealed in original packaging. The product by the company states a 2 year warranty. If purchased, will the warranty be of use to me since I'll be the new owner opening and useing the product? Or does the manufacturers 2 year warranty only cover the original owner? Also if I purchased this item, would I need to find out, how long out of the 2 years warranty the owner had the item for to cover myself? Lastly this item is from a private seller. The same product is being sold as New from a another 'company' on the same site for a slightly higher price. If its a better option, should I purchase from them instead? Interested to know more about facts on second hand but new sealed goods on manufactures original warranty. 

Many thanks. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Highly unlikely the manufacturer would honor a warranty from a secondhand seller. You can call & ask.

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