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My friend still hasn't forgiven me for making a harmless joke what can I do?

Ok so a few days ago I made a harmless joke about my friend being an accident. (I know he isn't really an accident) I have tried apologising but he wont have it. Also he makes plenty of jokes at me which are the same as that such as "you're a failed experiment from a test tube" and I don't care and I make one harmless joke and he still won't speak to me what should i do?

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  • 3 months ago

    I lost a friend from a lot less than your joke. Everybody is built differently. Apologize and see what happens?

  • MJT209
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    3 months ago

    Some people give sh1t out all the time mate, they will put you down, kneecap you with a crowbar(apparently) cause yeah that's funny, but you say the first thing to them and they are utter snowflakes, that melt on the spot.

    seems to me you are better than your friend, but I still think that once they see how pathetic they are being with you they will come round.

    as I said, after reading keyboard warrior Weasle, they chat sh1t and melt

  • 3 months ago

    "Harmless"  is always in the eye of the  person NOT being harmed. 

    let me take a crowbar to your kneecap  as a "prank"   and THEN you can tell me how "harmless"  such pranks are. 

    I am sure everyone else in the room will fall on the floor laughing ! 

    You misunderstand*t is only given out, when you throw first.  I merely catch it, and throw it right back in your face......having the better aim- 

    If people didn't start with me, I wouldn't start with them. 

    I was getting along  JUST FINE,  with *everyone* here, until the abuse started.  ABUSE you ADDED TO. 


    You're mad, because I give  BACK what losers spew at me first-  

    Edit......and as I're just mad because your abuse backfired on you- 

    You wanted to look "kewl" to the wrong people-   Your choice...........not mine. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Kiss & makeup sex.

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