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What can I do??

I'm taking a finance unit, and for some reason my lecturer wants us to type our assignments in LaTex form (which most students have never done before). No handwritten, word, pdf formats are accepted. 

He didn't give us any information on how to use latex, but said 'overleaf' would help. I did everything on overleaf, and it perfectly compiled my solution with no errors, and I submitted my assignment 3 days early. 

I sent him an email to confirm that my submission is correct, but he dismisses it until an hour before the due date and says my solution is correct, but gave me a 0 since it wasn't compiling on his computer. 

This is a finance unit, not a coding unit/unit on writing in latex, and he isn't giving us instruction to use latex, and not replying to any emails, and it quite rude as well. 

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    If LaTeX isn't listed in the course syllabus, I suggest openly complaining in class, that this is a personal hobby of the instructor that should not be applied to students. Or file a complaint with head of the department. His treatment is demeaning and he needs to be forced to debate it in open class. Good luck.

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    2 months ago

    "Most" students? Get help from one of them who has done it before.

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