Who would be right?

Roberta asks Ariana if she’d like to try on shirts that no longer fit her. Ariana is unable to concentrate because she’s in a hurry & has a low tolerance of stress. She replies, "Eh…ok. I’ll try them on after my shower.” Roberta asks, “Do you want me to hold them for you?” “Yes.” Ariana totally forgot after she was done her shower. She remembers a day later but Roberta wasn’t available. Roberta may have been in the vicinity the next day but it slips Ariana’s mind again due to being exceptionally busy. The next day, Ariana finally remembers again & finds Roberta. When Ariana asks Roberta for them, Roberta replies that she gave them to Dawn. Ariana gets extremely upset, so Roberta feels really bad & explains how she thought she didn’t want them. Ariana doubts that was her reaction how Roberta demonstrated it when she initially asked her & how she said *yes*

Who would you find in favor of?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I'd side with Roberta.  Ariana sounds like an airhead.

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