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why would he flirt then say this?!?

I've been talking to my first boyfriend. I texted him and I just wanted to catch up. over the weeks he was sending a lot of emojis and I kept my guard up because of issues in the past. We had a little bit of a bump when I caught myself talking a lot and told him and he said he fw it and used a lot of emojis. Then afterward I told him I didn't know what to say and he was responding really fast and was like I don't know lol We can keep talking if you want, or if not then it was nice catching up whatever you want lol" then i told him I liked talking to him but didn't want to be annoying and he told me not to worry about that and was like "Dope" then he dragged the convo.

That was a few weeks ago. He moved back into college last week and I moved back in yesterday. He has taken some time to answer which i understand because he has classes and I honestly don't mind it. yesterday I told him when I moved back in my roommate and her mom were trying to set me up with a guy on the elevator and said he was cute and tall and i told him how my roommate told the guy on the elevator "my roommate is a 10 out of 10 and my ex was like "LMAOO she's not lying tho , thats nice of her to set you up, but on the first day. then i was like "aww thats sweet" and he answered and said "Lmao he's perfect for you and the 7th floor, that's too much lmao." I just dont get it why would he flirt then turn around and say that? or was he even flirting to begin with? im still confused about that part.

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    because pranking you. talk to him. stop over-thinking it, you'll be ok.

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