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Becoming a Flight Attendant?

Hi guys, I'm 18 & in September I'm going to college to study Travel & Tourism, afterwards, I hope to become a Flight Attendant.

I'm from England, but if everything goes smoothly, I'm hoping to be living in Louisiana, USA, by 2021, anytime after next July.

So I'd appreciate if both British & American Flight Attendants could answer my questions.

What is the training/assessment process?

How long after becoming a Flight Attendant do you start long haul flights?

Do you have to be pretty to become a Flight Attendant? I have been told by people I'm pretty, but I don't believe I am and I have only ever seen pretty Flight Attendants?

What are the benefits? Discounted flights, etc?

Is it a nerve-wracking job? I'm a confident and outgoing girl, but it even seems nerve-wracking to me, especially things like forgetting the safety announcement routine?


Thank you, I hope you and your families are all well during this time:)

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  • Process: training length depends on the airline.

    Long haul: all depends on the airline and seniority.  FA's with more seniority get first crack at flight schedules so you may get stuck with shorter flights.

    Pretty: Technically not a factor.  

    Benefits: Most FA's are part of a union which will provide for better healthcare/dental, discounted/free air travel are the two big ones.

    Nerves: You're trained on procedure.  A lot.  Can't get it right?  You flunk out.  

    Shoes: Airlines will have specifics on what shoes are/aren't permitted.  Safety being the biggest priority.

    Suggestions: Kat Nesbitt and Jetting Julia are both flight attendants with YouTube channels.  Watch their stuff.  They do a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

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    You cannot work in the US.  Or are MARRYING a US citizen?  Louisiana has one of the lowest standards of living in the US - and seems to have annual destruction from flooding, hurricanes, etc.  It does not have an international airport.  You clearly have no idea how any of this works, in the theoretical, or the practical, of how the travel industry is working NOW.  You might try British Air lines, maybe Aer Lingus (are they still is business??  Never hear of them.). So do more research, make less fantasy assumptions.  Walking in heels is the least of your problems.  

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    I would not even think about it any more. The airlines are laying off thousands of experienced flight attendants, so you chances of getting hired in the next few years are zero. 

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    Why do you imagine you'll be living in the USA? You won't get a US visa to be a flight attendant. 

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    You do not have to be pretty to be a flight attendant in the US. They stopped using that as a criterion in the 1970s. The airlines have been sued over age and weight discrimination. What you have to be is smart and capable. 

    Now- your biggest problem is that no airline is based in Louisiana. You can live somewhere other than your base, but it makes life harder, as you have to deadhead on flights to get to your base to pick up the flights you're assigned to, and you don't get paid for those hours of working. So you might consider living in one of the base cities. Delta is based in Atlanta. American has bases in Nashville and Dallas. Many flight attendants and pilots start out with the small "express" airlines that are affiliated with a larger airline, and do short flights for a while before gaining seniority and getting to choose the longer flights. You should go to the airline web pages and look for information on how to apply. Include the smaller airlines like Allegiant and Southwest. 

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    Hello Mollie,

    I work part-time at an airport and had some conversations with flight attendants.

    Looks is one thing, but one of the biggest things that the airlines will look for is customer service experience. A suggestion is to take a part-time job involved with customer service while attending school. This will add to your resume (along with some extra cash in your pocket). 

    Expect the interview to include hypothetical situations in which you have to answer on how you would respond. 

    Utilize Youtube to give you further information on what to expect with training..

    Be prepared to work long hours and the job can be highly stressful at times. Sometimes it takes only one unruly passenger to ruin your day.

    Regarding benefits and perks, it varies from airline to airline. Enquire about it during the interview process.

    Godspeed on your endeavors, madam. 

    Source(s): Work part-time at an airport.
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    Good luck with many being cut due to the covid.

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    Each airline has their own requirements and their own training school, so there are no 'universal' answers.  SO, if you don't like the answers you are getting from Airline A, talk to Airline B.  GOOD LUCK !!!

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