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What happens when ESA savings run out?

Ok so I'm on income-based ESA (employment support allowance), and I know you have to come off of it once you have £16,000 in savings, but then what happens when the savings run out and you don't have any other income? It's harder for me because I can't work full time (not straight away anyway), due to multiple mental health conditions hand in hand with Asperger Syndrome, and I'm worried that if this happens in future then I won't be able to support myself once the savings run out (let's say I have a temporary job but it finishes but that's how the savings got to 16k). I think I'm on disability premium's ESA, so does this mean that if this ever does happen in future I'll be able to go back on to ESA, or would I have to go back onto Universal Credit?


I kind of have to save it right now in case my benefits get stopped in future. If I don't have any savings at that point then God knows what'll happen...

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    Don't save it.   Buy investment items like comic books, and other collectibles.

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