How do you deal with mold in a basement apartment?

I have an off campus basement apartment and after some water leakage due to a hurricane A LOT of mold started growing in my closet, on my door, and on some shoes. 

My lanlord fixed the dehumidifier put it on high and have bagged up everything in my closet-- I'll wash them in baking soda. I have poured baking soda all over my carpets, and sprayed my closet, hangers, door, and shoes in vinegar. I'll let that sit for about 1 hour and then wipe down and vacuum. Is this enough to prevent it from regrowing? Especially since now I've turned the dehumidifier on? I've also placed a damprid in my closet for extra measure.

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    1 month ago
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    What you've done might help quite a bit, although a mild bleach solution (where it's safe to use) kills mold spores better. (Mix it one part bleach to eight parts water, i.e., one 8-ounce cup of bleach added to one 64-ounce gallon of water.) The baking soda won't do much except minimize odor.

    What works best to prevent recurrence is frequent cleaning and vigilance. If you let the back recesses of damp closets or cupboards go untouched--easy to do, right?--you'll have new mold to deal with. Make cleaning in the mold-infested areas part of your routine cleaning, even if it means emptying that closet every damned time.

    I had a plastic bag of shoes get moldy when I didn't know the bag had been left outside during rain. (Thanks, cruise line.) They were pretty bad, and all I did was wipe them down with a rag. No bleach, no baking soda. They're fine; I'm wearing a pair as I write this.

    Also worth a mention: 99% of molds pose no danger to people or pets.

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    de humidifier is enough by itself,,so your good

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