Brown particles in my water from GE fridge dispenser?

We have this fridge from the previous homeowner and everything has been fine since March now all the sudden we went to get water from the dispenser and there were brown specks ( particles ) floating in the glass. We run the dispenser for a while and it decrease to where it was almost clear, now it happened again. I will attached a link to the fridge we have. Not sure if it's the refrigerator. The house has a outside water filtration system and a hard water system ( we just replace the salt after it happen ) if that's relevant. We don't have a filter in the fridge for that matter. 

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    3 months ago
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    I'd install a filter for the fridge, there are inline ones made specifically for this issue. That at least will tell you if it is the fridge or the water supply. Then you'll know if flushing the fridge and such is in order. Most water lines in a fridge will not corrode and such so they can't cause that issue, without something growing in them. Could happen, but I doubt it is the fridge lines.  The ice makers on the other hand, have a coating on the trays that when they age, can start to flake off and leave little flakes in the ice cubes, that as they melt, leave them floating around in your glass.

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    3 months ago

    Call a plumber to flush the line to the refrigerator.  No luck, might be time for a new fridge.

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