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Why is it common for people to brag about things that make them seem like they struggled?

When many people speak about their lives they tend to make comments like that they were "the first generation to finish college", "the son or daughter of immigrants", "the child of a single parent", "survivor of sexual abuse", etc.

But you never hear anyone say that they are "the child of parents and grandparents who went to college", "part of a family where all of their ancestors for 10 generations were born in the US", :"their ancestors came on the Mayflower", "the child of happily married parents", "the product of a great household".

It's similar to when people brag about speeding, running stop signs or not paying their bills but no one says that they drove the speed limit, drove carefully and have a high credit score.  

Is it part of the victim mentality?  Do people think it makes them look like they've accomplished more?

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    I don't see that saying such things is done to "look like" they struggled.  It is done to say very openly that they struggled and succeeded despite the odds against it. 

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  • They say these things to show you they accomplished these things against those odds. A kid with college graduated parents have higher chances of graduating or even going to college because those parents will help those kids tackle the obstacle that come with going to college. Making it easier for the kids. 

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    And part of it is them needing justification they survived a battle in life. Which they are complicated battles.

    🥴 The sad part about it is you are asking this question because you feel inferior.


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