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Is the staff at my orthodontist office rude ?

One lady at the front desk makes fun of me, when you first get to the back you brush your teeth and then sit in a waiting room and then go to a small room to talk to the doctor and she checks your bite and braces, one day while she was going that a tech runs in there and checks it too (it is a tech that talks to me a lot when I come and I don't know the lady but she has a daughter who is 17 too), the same tech was talking bad about me to another tech recently while they were adjusting my braces and they said (I asked Ashlynn what are you doing here today, and she's like they said that I had an appointment and the techs say well Ashlynn is just weird and awkward.”). One tech there gave me an attitude when I asked her how much longer do you think that I have left? The doctor keeps telling me to wear elastics and I do but she doesn't believe me 

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  • k w
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    2 months ago

    bet it was doctors orders, you just don't know why.....

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