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religion has been used mainly as a tool for "elites" to control and mold a population for business purposes?


and that is why the Middle East has been the region where religions arose ...both Christianity and Islam and Judaism. Middle East is the central point and the most strategic area for trade (whether that be using military means or spreading religious propaganda, fighting religious wars, and then post war the trade of loot, slaves and then building a "Capitalistic market" like the USA is today

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Does the USA base most of their military in the Middle East because that is indeed the central point to go to anywhere in the world?

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    4 months ago
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    It's all about power and money.

    No other reason for it to even exist.

    The elite invented a "power" that "watches" you 24/7, to keep you in fear, and to keep you paying.

    If dullards didn't pay preachers for lying to them, there would be no preachers.

    Take the money out of any crime, and the crime stops by itself.  No profit, no point.

  • 4 months ago

    No; in fact, that idea is silly, and patently does not work.  Many people repeat it, but, just looking at the world shows how ineffective  such a thing would be.

  • david
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    4 months ago

    With the earth shaped (roughly) spherically, everyplace on earth is the exact point between east and west; and the advent of air travel, there's no real, "central point to go anywhere in the world." Most of the US military is NOT based in the Middle East, but in "middle america". 

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    Religion and Spirituality...directly relate to our soul and The Supreme Soul..God..  

    🍃..Happy Krishnajanmashtmi..🍃

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  • 4 months ago

    Religions have been used for political power and economic gain almost from their beginnings when most were formed for the purpose of explaining what, at the time, was the source of unexplainable phenomena.

    U.S. doesn't base most of their military in the Middle East. About 45,000 to 50,000 military personnel are stationed in the Middle East. U.S. and Japan/Okinawa/Korea/Guam and European theaters are far larger.


    Religions arose in the Indian subcontinent far earlier than in the Middle East.

  • Kin
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    4 months ago

    When you say used as a tool for "elites" to control and mold a population for business purposes as well as for other evil intentions, that is NOT a religion whatsoever. This would be a cult and will never be a true religion.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    That's pretty good. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    No kingdom on earth follows God's laws. Jesus said His kingdom is NOT of this world. The world is indeed run by cults, but not the Jesus culture. Hinduism, even communist North Korea that is forced to worship its leaders like gods -- much like it was in Egypt -- are all cults - even Islam and Roman Catholicism - which both plagiarize from the Bible - but both being divergent to what was established by Jesus. And Jesus did not establish a corporate institution, but His body is literally the bodies of actual believers, Holy Spirit filled people, and they are His temples and His building. The Bible says God dwells not in temples made by human hands. Mystery Babylon is global. Know that the only entity which fully matches the Bible's description given in the book of Revelation regarding the identity of the whore of Babylon (aka the mother of harlots) is Vatican city. The Vatican rules behind the powers of many nations through their Orders: the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, the Freemasons. Our nation is not run by Judeo-Christian rules, but is based on Roman concepts -- a democracy, a republic... even the fancy political buildings are recreations of temples devoted to pagan gods of Rome and Greece. God told His people not to return to Egypt, even spiritually speaking. And yet the symbols of Egypt are in those things that are in rebellion against Him.

    The National monument is an obelisk (even Baal's phallic symbol) and it is of Egypt. On our money is the eye of Horus and a pyramid .. that's Egypt. On many church buildings you will also see obelisks, as steeples. These do not have their origins in the Scriptures, or anything established by God. Many do not even follow actual holy days, which holidays are supposed to be. And God can only establish what is Holy, not man. Christmas is Saturnalia, and it was Tammuz who was born on December 25th, not Jesus, who came into the world on Sukkot, God's established holy day. Also Easter is the name of a pagan fertility goddess, note the bunnies and eggs associated with her.  Early Christian groups in the United States actually outlawed Christmas, because they were well aware that the origins of Christmas were of Rome and not from the Scriptures. It was not until the Dutch Roman Catholic immigrants came over and popularized Christmas, that it picked up and gained popularity, even becoming a national celebrated day.

    A number of cults were created by Freemasons. Joseph Smith the founder of Mormons (aka Latter-Day Saints) even incorporated masonic symbols and rituals into his own temples. Charles Taze Russell founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses was also a Freemason. Ellen G. White founder of the Seventh-Day Adventists, and Mary Baker Eddy - who was founder of her Christian Science religion. All of these, even including the religion of Islam, which takes elements from the Bible does not follow the Bible in truth, but they turn to other authority figures. When people choose to follow the voice of those who cast doubt on the Scriptures and come into agreement with that which is contradiction to God's words, they make the same error as Adam and Eve in garden of Eden. Since it is the truth that sets us free, even from spiritual bondage, the receiving of the truth is the difference between life and death, spiritually. And what is spiritual regarding our lives outlasts the physical.

  • Carmen
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    4 months ago

    So, what you are saying is, from an economic perspective, we are better off with religion. I agree. A religious society is far healthier economically. But I disagree that this is the primary purpose of religion, nor that it's controlled by the elites. Traditionally, the elites despise religion because it tends to take away their elite status. Elites don't want a healthy economy, they want to be elite. 

  • 🦋
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    4 months ago

    I totally agree

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