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why in countries such as Lebanon or Greece, people protest over things that are not fair, but in the USA,,,everyone is opposite?

instead of there being a total UPROAR over illegal immigrants flooding into the country and not only being allowed to stay , but being given taxpayer money to do so in order to underbid or deflate the wages of legal citizens....they are actually protesting some black guy that was a criminal and nobody ever heard about?

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    Sounds like you should be blaming the employers and the skill level of Americans. I know for a fact if the company feels that the best qualified person to hire for their business, comes from another country, you better believe they will find a way to get that person here for the job.

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    That is a bunch of nonsense.  Illegals do not flood into the US, and the number has actually remained fairly stable since they come here looking for jobs, not handouts.  That means that when the economy is good, they come, when recession  hits, they leave.

    There have been some states which have cracked down on illegals and there has been extreme labor shortages in the agriculture sectors.  Illegals are hired because they are willing to work long hours when crops need to get off and do not call in on Saturday because they were out drinking Friday night.  They are more reliable and harder working.  I am 52, and when I was young, there were a lot more white folk who would work the seasonal jobs, especially summer employment of students.  We have babied our children though, and they no longer go out to the fields to work hard in the summer time, and we do not make them.  I never hear of teens making money cutting lawns anymore.  It is hot outside, and cool in the air conditioned house, so people have to hire companies instead of the local kid.You cannot deflate wages when there is minimum wage.  If you are in a state with a pitiful low minimum wage, then complain.The only times white Americans want the jobs the illegal immigrants are doing is when a recession hits and jobs are scarce.  Until then, it is beneath them.

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    God bless your heart. I know what you mean. 

    But.... those criminals represent a large part of ppl in the Southwest. Including non American borns in high positions within our government.

    🥴 America is a little different. 

    All of us are immigrants or kids of immigrants. 

    So it's basically the old immigrants battling the new.

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    Because liberalism is a mentaI disorder.

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    because it is  Gay Pride parade Day (sorry I meant "Month")

    people are sheep in the USA and worried more about their selves. as long as they are okay, screw the rest of the people.

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