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would you put your cat on serious medication because of skin problem (pic)?

My cat has had skin problem for close to 1 year now. He overgrooms himself and has bald patches on stomach, butt, legs. We have been to 5 different vets to 5 different clinics and out of 2000 euros by now, he was on prednisolon, allergy meds and some drug which makes them not itch - no help at all. he was also on food diet and had all possible tests. the last, 6 vet, suggested Atopica drug - immunosuppressant which is very serious drug, can cause death and weight loss and what not and more over she said it is for life. My husband said yes, vet said the cat is suffering, I say no. What would you say for your cat? And maybe some of you had some miraculous treatment? I myself saw at vet's clinic some ampule you put on his neck which does some miracles for skin, called Allerderm, so I suggested I try that, not vet. Vet said it wouldn't hurt. So give me some insight. And no he has no fleas and yes he has had flea treatment anyway - for heartworm because it is all in 1. This white spot on his leg is no hair spot. he has the same on another lag and all his stomach is bald. 


they did test him for allergy, he has dust mite allergy but not very severe. why then allergy pills do not work

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    I'm assuming your kitty has had a full allergy panel where they test for every allergy under the sun, as well as for ringworm, fungus, and hypothyroidism.  My brother struggled for years with one of his indoor-only cat's "rodent mouth" allergy (which has nothing to do with rodents), and when he finally had an allergy panel (they're not cheap!) it was discovered the cat was allergic to an ingredient found in 99.9% of laundry detergents....who would have thought?....as well as the carpeting and the cat litter he was using.  (He now uses hypo-allergenic laundry soap, pulled up the carpeting, and switched to a paper-based litter -- huge improvement.)  So, try to think back a year ago to see if you remember ANY changes in your household that could have triggered his allergy -- even simple things like what perfume you wear, painting walls, different cleaning products, a new piece of furniture, etc.

    However, excessive licking can also be a psychological issue and not many medications outside of calmative ones are going to help with that.  Self-induced alopecia is often not an allergic reaction, but a psychological one.  Are you familiar with any cat psychologist(s) who might be able to assess any stress or emotional-related issues?  Does your cat go outside?  If not, can you create a catio or some area where the cat can safely observe nature and get fresh air beyond just an open window?   Can you leash train him so he can go out on walks?  Does your cat have enough spaces where he can be a cat?  Like things to climb up such as a couple of cat towers, hidey holes, places where he can traverse a room without ever having to step on the floor?

    That said, I would most certainly try some Allerderm as I have had good-to-great success with it, and as your vet said, it's not going to hurt.  If absolutely nothing else helps, I'm with your husband on this one, and as a LAST RESORT  to ease a cat's suffering would opt for Atopica and just keep a keen eye out for any negative side effects, although Atopica is generally well-tolerated.  Bear in mind it can take a few weeks or more for improvement to be noticed.

    I wish you well with your handsome fellow.

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    Allergies is the worst of all of the problems and food allergies is the worst of the allergies. We had a dog with food allergies and spent years fighting the problem and watching the dog suffer. We finally came to a situation where we could not put that much extra attention into the care of the dog, so we had the dog euthanized.  In hindsight, we should have done it sooner. We are sad that we had to do it, but confident it was the right decision.  That is the same situation for you.  Let it go. 

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    You should try it

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