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Is there any perfect franchise that has no bad sequels ?

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    I'd argue that Toy Story is "perfect". Not a loser in the lot.

    Indiana Jones - the last was a loser.

    Middle Earth - as a fan of the books, I found most of them meddled with the characters so badly, and in The Hobbit also the plot, that I could barely bear to watch them. Why were Merry and Pippin re-created as Beavis and Butthead? Ruined the entire experience for me. Why were orcs chasing after Bilbo before he reached the Misty Mountains? I mean: these stories are famously and hugely popular. What happens when you try to fix something that is already working superlatively well?

    The only virtue to these movies, in my opinion, were the special effects, which on occasion were extremely well done.

    Marvel: several losers

    Back to the Future: never liked it (even though all my friends told me I would)

    Spider-Man: several losers IMO

    Hunger Games: never saw it

    Harry Potter: eh...all except the last above average, but none really excellent.

    How to Train your Dragon: only saw one, wasn't impressed

    Star Wars: in general I thought they were really good (though the original film was the only excellent one IMO). If we stick to just the cinematic films, I'd say this is CLOSE to perfect.

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    There's no such thing as a "perfect" franchise, they all have their better and not-so-good installments, but I can think of:

    The Hunger Games, How to Train Your Dragon, Back to the Future & Lord of the Rings.

    I also liked the Ice Age franchise, although it's not as popular as the ones above.

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    Back to the future trilogy , The Godfather trilogy

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    In my opinion, Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, Ghostbusters, Christopher Nolan's Batman, Shrek

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