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Isn't anti antifa just fascism?

Antifa is anti fascism it's a broad politically philosophy and belief that is against fascism. To be against anti fascism is to support fascism. no?


Antifa started early in the 20th century. In both world wars. It's very old and has nothing to do with modern politics. It has been brought back do to those. 

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    The birth of ANTIFA (to my knowledge) was counter-demonstration to alt-right protesters at Charlottesville who were waving Nazi flags shouting Jews won't replace us. It's important to note, the demonstration was organized by self-proclaimed white supremacist Richard Spencer and that 4 alt-right were convicted of incite to riot. 

    The answer is, yes.


    Thanks for that. Then my assertion is correct because ANTIFA today is about politics. I never heard specifically ANTIFA until Charlottesville and it doesn't surprise me people were against fascism for several yrs. in some capacity.

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    No, the name “Antifa” is a misnomer.  Antifa is actually a racist, terrorist organization.  So while it’s great to be against fascism, as we all are, you don’t then get a pass for being a racist, terrorist group.  It’s kind of like Hitler.  Hitler was against communism, had a pathological hatred for it.  We can all agree that communism is bad, and being against communism is good.  That doesn’t give Hitler a free pass for the Holocaust though.  Same goes for antifa.  I can make a group and call antipedo, we are against pedophiles.  But then if I go out and riot, loot, and espouse racist and terrorist ideologies I don’t get a free pass because I’m against pedophiles.  Get it?

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    Yes.  When one is anti-antifa, one is implicitly defending fascism and nazis. That's why so many Trump supporters go absolutely insane when anyone mentions antifa here. 

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  • rodcom
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    2 months ago

    You have some very flawed logic.  Anti means to be against, and no, it never means to support.

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