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Should I just end the friendship? ?

My friend of a little of a year is just too much for me. I genuinely care about her and she feels the same for me. But she has made sexual comments to me on if I was lesbian the things she would do to me. I’m 26 and married and trying for a baby with my husband. I told her I’m not lesbian and she just ignores what I say and acts like I said nothing. She has said that things about my husband how she would go straight for him and how she’s not into polygamy but she would be for my own relationship. I told her I was uncomfortable with the things she said and she said sorry I’m just being honest and laughed it off. Last time we hung out was 2 days ago. We went to a springs to swim. She kept trying to hug on me and wrap my legs around me and I’d push them off. Then at home we were watching a movie (Tomb raider). She put her hand on my inner thigh and squeezed. ~ I told my husband everything about her. He said I should try talking to her again. I just want to drift away from her. Oh and we have a mutual friend that has 2 kids and 28, she got a new job making only one $ less than her an hour. Instead of being happy she said oh well that’s not that much. This girl is 22 and she’s constantly needing guidance and help in life, because no one taught her anything. She didn’t know you had to change the oil in her car. She completely ruined her car and I sold her my old car and got a new one. Do you think I should try talking with her or just end it? 


I see what you mean Chris on how I'm giving her mixed signals. The swimming day there were 5 of us going. I left the water to use the restroom and she followed. The others went in the loop. Her and I came back to the water and started floating and that's when she wrapped her legs around, or tried to. The movie thing Is my fault. All 5 of us were watching a movie at my place. I could have moved after she sat next to me. I couldn't say these details because of the word count. 

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    She makes you feel uncomfortable by her manner towards you, her lesbianism and her willingness to interact sexually with your husband just to keep you sweet as she thinks.  You have told her to back off and stop doing all this but she ignores you.  She pretends you haven't said anything and carries on just as she wishes.  Meanwhile, YOU have given her mixed messages.  You tell her all this 'back off' stuff - but you then go out on swimming dates with her and allow her to wrap her legs round you etc.  You watch a movie together side by side and instead of your husband clutching your inner thigh - he's sitting elsewhere while SHE is allowed to clutch it instead.  So you basically say one thing and do another.  You are going to have to dump her aren't you because you cannot handle her.  All the stuff about the other girl and this one and the car has nothing whatsoever to do with your problem.  Yes, let her go.  She's poison by the sound of it.  Not someone to have hanging around your marriage.

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    Why do you even have to ask? Get her out of your life. And watch her and your husband too.  If you must, move away. Keep a lawyer on hand just in case you need one to get rid of or or even a divorce.

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