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How many conservative presidents are honored on Mt Rushmore? How many progressives?

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    I would say Washington was actually pretty conservative.  Yeah, he was a revolutionary but certainly not a radical.

    Jefferson and Roosevelt were progressives.  Jefferson basically founded the modern Democratic Party, and Teddy Roosevelt touched off the Progressive Era!

    Lincoln is kind of hard to categorize.  He was a Republican.  He freed the slaves but he said he would have kept slavery if it would hold the union together.  He didn't think blacks could assimilate into our culture.  He wanted to send back to Africa as many as would go, and put the rest up on reservations like the Indians.  His biggest project beside the war was the transcontinental railway, and that was just crawling with corruption and graft.

    And Trump isn't really a conservative either.  Conservatism is a set of principles, and Trump doesn't have any principles, except his own continuing self-aggrandizement.

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    Three conservatives. It could be argued that Roosevelt was progressive (he had some very far left and far right views) but really he's only on there because he was president when it was designed. No one considers him one of the top 4 presidents. 

    @Acid- Lincoln is the only true Republican. Roosevelt was Republican but switched to the Bull Moose party. Washington didn't really belong to a party (he gave a speech when he left office about how bad he thought parties were). Jefferson founded what became the democrat party although it was nothing like today's democrats. Technically, Jefferson was a democrat. 

    @Dummypants- Jefferson wrote the DOI and his protege wrote the constitution. Jefferson DEFINES what conservatism is. Do you not understand the concepts of what conservatism and liberalism are? 

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