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3.11 miles in 1 hour sprinting and walking?

Am I slow ? I sprinted using everything I had and when I got tired I would walk and repeated the process. I’m 20 years old and a smoker

168 pounds and 5”7

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    Yeah, that's pretty slow BUT faster than everyone sitting on the couch. With practice your speed can increase. You might find you can travel that distance faster if you don't  sprint. Simply select a run/walk interval that suits you (maybe something like 45 seconds run/45 seconds walk), and don't sprint. Your running interval should be at a comfortable pace, and your walking interval should allow you to rest but not be a casual stroll (make it a brisk walk). 


    When you sprint you use up your energy quickly (esp when you're out of shape and not used to running), then you end up walking slowly and having to walk for a good while, before you've rested enough to sprint again. Better to run at a slower pace and walk at a faster pace, for better overall results. It'll also reduce the chances of you developing an injury from pushing your body too hard (save sprinting for when you've been training for a good while, and want to really improve your running time).

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    The average adult walks somewhere between 3 and 4 miles an hour.

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    Well, it's a good start. A 20 minute mile is fine for a 50 year old. You should be able to work up to running the whole 3 miles- on a treadmill- in a much shorter time. BTW- quit smoking. It makes you more vulnerable to all kinds of health problems including COVID. 

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