Can we've a SINGLE Comprehensive Questionnaire ONLINE for Med. Professionals, that'll entitle us to b eligible for such Employment Worldwide?

Every country has its own Standards for the Medical Professionals. In a way the act is designed to generate income for themselves and red-tapism in process. This actually restricts the Medical Professionals to serve freely worldwide.  The coming years are going to see a steep rise in the need for Medical Professionals, and I wont be surprised if the Govts. decide to Ban Medical Professionals from travelling abroad or leaving their country.  I appeal to the US/Western countries to Standardize the Screening/Eligibility Test for the Nurses, Doctors etc. and publish it into a portal, so that, in the GLOBALIZED WORLD, everyone can apply ONLINE and the Best Manpower and Medical Professionals get employment.

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  • 3 months ago
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    You sound super uneducated. Don't worry about it.

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