How to ask my manager at work to switch my hours at work without calling out? ?

So i work retail. I took off 4 days (Wednesday- Saturday) because my personal hours were about to expire. My sisters found out and then planned a mini vacation. It was too late to request Sunday off. I just saw my schedule for next week and the manager gave me Sunday 7am-3pm. My sisters planned the trip for Friday and Saturday and to come home Sunday.

How do I ask the manager if he can alter my schedule? Either way, they always ask me to stay longer every Sunday and I always end up being their from open to close. If I have to, last resort i will ask my coworker to switch hours with me. I know I can call out but its kind of hard to call out when your the 7am shift :/


Other coworkers got their schedule altered before in the past because they added me on so they can have off :/

1 Answer

  • Find some one that can switch shifts with you or that can cover for you. This shouldn't be your last resort, it should be your first resort. Inform your manager of any shift changes. 

    If no one will cover for you then contact your manager and let them know what's going on. Talking to your manager about schedule changes should be your last resort. 

    I worked in retail for over 10 years. I never bugged a manager for some thing unless I needed to. 

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