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How can I get a job working with dogs ?

I have always been interested in working with dogs. But ended up getting jobs I’ve hated because I needed a job and had to earn money.

While working for my last job I despised my friend and I decided to volunteer at an animal shelter after work cause we hated our jobs and just needed stress relief. The only thing is though we volunteered for 2 years to walk multiple dogs and stuff, it’s not actual employment. It was just volunteer work and I’m wondering if that would even interest another employer so I can work with dogs and get paid doing a job I love. My main goal right now is to get paid but to also enjoy my job as in something I’m actually passionate about. But I’m just wondering if adding volunteer experience is worth while because I have had steady full time work but I’m wondering if I should dump my first job off my resume. My resume can only be one page so I just can’t fit all my work related experience. 

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    I got my apprenticeship in canine hydrotherapy from volunteer work and doing mundane stuff I hated just for the money. I used that money to get myself some qualifications at night school.

    Some first aid courses

    Night school dog grooming (just on a basic level)

    Dog Training

    Dog management

    My other hobby was swimming, I just never put the two together.

    Someone I met through volunteer work helped me get into a hydrotherapy program. And start gaining qualifications for that. So volunteer work is good. I all ready knew how to bath a dog (must be clean before and after pool) I knew how to feel matts (can't go in the water because water would make matts worse). I could work with untrained and young dog's. I had experience all ready. And I'd have never thought to go into that. So volunteer work is great. If that's the job you want I'd keep note and reference of all the volunteer work even if it's not on your resume. 

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    Be a garbage man 

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    maybe you should study to be a vet

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