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trust fund babies?

whats the most  amount of money you've heard or know of a young adult receiving a trust fund. total sum. i am just curious

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    The average was $707,291, the higer amounts range in millions $4,062,918.....on the lower side $285,00 with the lowest uncommon amount $69,000. 10 million each is the amount Bill Gates plans to give each of his 3 children. Josh Flagg on Million Dollar Listing was left $35 million in a trust fund started by his wealthy Jewish Grandmother.

    I dont know about you but id be happy with any of those given amounts.

    That was a fun google search...hope this helped

  • Seven figures on a monthly basis.  

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    I know someone who was receiving $22,000.00 PER MONTH  after taxes.

    My sister married him.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't know a single person who got anything.

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    i got a scooter with a trust fund when i was in rehab after a hip implant, i was going to buy one and the social worker had them pay for it instead. it was a couple of thousand

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    This isn't the "most" but Lisa Marie Presley received approximately $100Million.

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