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TV episode from the 80,s?

This was an episode probably of something like Tales from the Darkside, Alfred Hitchcock, etc.

This young woman is obsessed with money. This really unnatractive guy is rumored to be inheriting a lot of money. She starts dating him. She kisses him and runs inside a throws up in the sink while he was looking through the window. They get married and it turns out he isn't getting any money. She winds up winning a bunch of money and goes home and tells him she is leaving him and he is gross and she never loved him and he stabs her to death and goes to prison.

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    Tales from the Crypt episode "Dead Right". Cathy (Demi Moore) wants a rich and successful life, and fast. She visits a medium who tells her she will meet a man who will inherit a lot of money, and die in a violent way soon after. When she meets grossly overweight Charlie who informs her of his rich relatives, she promptly marries him. As it turns out, the medium is always right.

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