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Did I inadvertently fire my interior designer?

I worked with an interior designer about 20 years ago.  She did a great job designing my home.

I recently moved (600 miles away) and contacted her and paid a $5,000 for her to design my new home.

This time she told me what furniture to get and I placed orders as she told me what to get.  This time I live in a high-rise building and the building has strict delivery requirements.  One vendor refused to follow them and just refunded the order instead.

In addition, she told me to get a media center for my living room even though I do not have a TV.  So I held off on ordering it.

I also haven’t see a master plan for my home so I don’t know how everything will look.  No paint colors have been discussed either.

She emailed, telling me to trust her and to just give her my credit card.

I wrote back and apologized for the delays and explained the delivery issue. I also let her know that if she felt as though this wasn’t working out due to a lack of trust and if she didn’t want to proceed with the project, I understood.

It’s been four days and I haven’t heard from her.  Did I inadvertently terminate the project?


I wasn’t looking to fire her.  As a professional, she shouldn’t have to handle a project that she doesn’t want, and I was simply trying to acknowledge that.

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  • drip
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    7 months ago

    I wouldn’t just hand over my credit card to her. And her  telling you to trust her and hand over your credit card sounds off. 

    It also sounds off to be picking out furniture when you haven’t seen the plans for the condo or discuss colors seems off. Would they give you a whole room plan first, before buying furniture? Reading your comment back to her sound snarky. But might of sounded concerned if you were having a phone call.    I would call her or FaceTime.

    You might of worked well together 20 years ago, but doesn’t sound like you will this time.

  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    you mightve done that

  • 7 months ago

    Hopefully yes. It isn't working out for you at all.

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