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Does it make you successful to be 25 and married with 2 kids? ?

I'm 25 and still a virgin lol while every other female from high school is either married, has kids, etc 

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    I always feel sorry for those girls who got pregnant and married right out of high school.  They are now soccer moms, tied down with kids, a mortgage and a husband who is rapidly burning out.  Or he's already abandoned them.  Enjoy your freedom.  

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    Its all about what you define as successful and what you want. You are in this life once make what YOU want out of it, don't compare yourself to other people. You set your own priorities and you shouldn't worry about other peoples priorities. You'll find someone you fit in perfectly with, give it time.  

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    depends on your definition of success. For some, it's having a happy family. for others, its being a millionaire. measure success in your own way, there is no definite measure of success.

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    "Successful" is usually a financial definition... IMO.

    I mean if someone is 25, married, 2 kids... and living off of the government IDK if that defines success.

    If "success" is defined by relationships and kids I - being 38 and never having had a girlfriend... am a complete failure... 

    On the other side of it them uber-rich dudes seem to want and seem to insist on having that "trophy wife," but then one can never really know how much she actually loves him. 

    Tough world out there. 

    My brother just turned 30, has 3 kids... but he works very hard.

    Oh, well... I work hard to actually lol... but that's because of the emotional spending I do.

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    I am not going to tell you, if I did it would ruin the fun you will enjoy when you see the same friends at 30-35

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    Doing things absolutely anybody could do does not make you successful.

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    Being married don't make you successful it just makes you married. Success is being independent taking care of yourself. Whether in college, working a job, got a car a bank account, health insurance or all the above. Doing this adult thing by yourself is  true success. Oh never mind that virgin stuff, do some dating, go out have fun. See dating websites or

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    Depends how you personally measure success. There’s no standard. Some people see success in having a good career and not having kids at all while others favour kids and a family. 

    And it really depends on lots of factors. For example my girlfriend is from a semi-rural town and all her friends are living with their partners, marrying, having kids, etc. But I’m from a city and literally none of my of friends (male/female) are married or have kids. Half do live with their partners but there’s no sign of them advancing anytime soon. So it varies. If getting married and having kids is your dream then yes you could consider yourself successful. However, I wouldn’t start worrying whether or not you are hitting that target just yet. Being only 25 your biological clock has several years before the thought of children becomes more of a worry as far as I’m aware.N.B I’m also a 25 year old virgin (albeit a male) and lots of people are! I wouldn’t worry about that! It happens when it happens :) I personally measure success by children and family so can relate a bit. I hope everything you want works out for you :) 

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    "Successful" is an entirely subjective term. Evidently YOU think that being married with 2 kids at 25 is a measure of success, or you wouldn't feel like you had to ask this question. I don't feel that's a measure of success at all, unless it was the person's main goal in life to be married with kids as young as 25. To me, you've pretty much imprisoned yourself for next 20 years or so while you should be enjoying life and exploring the world.

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    Success is based on YOUR individual goals and plans for the future.  I most definitely did NOT want to be married with 2 kids at age 25.

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