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Constant urge to pee?

I am a 22 year old male and I have recently been having an issue with a constant urge to pee. I masturbated a few days ago and was wondering if that was the cause. I went to pee before and after I masturbated. There is no burning feel but it feels like an uncomfortable urge to pee near the tip of my uretha. This problem happened a month ago and my doctor said I did not have a UTI after she did a urinalysis. I tested my urine for a UTI using an at home test but everything is negative and this is the same feeling I had a month ago. It is uncomfortable as I am sitting here I feel like I need to pee but I just went. There is no buring or pain. It is just an uncomfortable feeling near the tip of my penis that I need to pee. I have never had sex in case that is relevant to an answer.I have blood tests fasting and non fasting blood tests within the 9 months and all of my glucose and hemoglobin results were normal so I do not think diabtes is a possibility. Any ideas?

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Friction caused inflammation not an infection. You could try an antiseptic cream around the area, use before and after a pee.

    Happens to ladies as well.

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