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I'm too depressed to get a job can someone help?

I was constantly emotionally abused throughout my life in school. All my mom's relationships she's ever had were abusive relationships and none of the teachers ever cared that I was being emotionally abused while having to go back home and have to deal with fighting until like the early hours of the morning before school starts. I had to deal with emotional abuse at school since like the beginning. And during high school my mom had her worse boyfriend this is where there would be fighting until the early hours of the morning and she would get me involved in the fighting by coming to my room while she was fighting or getting in my bed. I had to deal this pretty much all the time. And I did try telling a teacher what I had to go through and she didn't care. He eventually did get arrested for 5 years because he hit me. And he's about to be released so my mom has to get a restraining order for me and her. My freshman summer was pretty bad because that's what I had to deal with pretty much everyday. And now that I've graduated high school since 2019 all my friends from high school don't really give me any attention. I can say I'm married on Facebook and I did this for a while I said I was married just to see if it would get a reaction and no one really said anything. While another person I went to school with got married he got attention. Also my 21st birthday recently happen I will say that it's my birthday and yeah still nothing.


So yeah my friends don't want anything to do with me. Literally every post I ever make now no real reaction. So I'm also trying to figure out if they don't care about me or if they want to ignore me. I know they look at my post but don't really let me know that they do actually pay attention to me. I'm depressed and can't get a job because of the emotional abuse that I've faced throughout school that. I've actually dealt with sexism and homophobia as well throughout school.

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    You need to get some psychiatric help, maybe some medicine and understand that in this life you need to take care of yourself and no one is going to help you or care about your excuses. No one. If you want anything, including happiness you're going to have to go out and make it happen yourself. 

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     If you study narcissistic abuse it will solve all your problems ( former abuse victim an alcoholic)

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    u need to see a therapist or get counseling about this.

    also, get an employment specialist to help u find a job.

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