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Are store workers immune to covid?

In the UK the public have to wear a mask by law, why do supermarket employees not have to? Are they immune? Genuine question as everywhere I've looked I can find no answer.

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  • A.J.
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    Although I am highly disappointed with what the USA government has failed to do during this crisis pandemic, IF what you write is true, employees should be wearing masks to highly reduce infected employees from spreading it to other people.

    If the employees are frequently tested and all positive employees isolated and contact traced, that would be even better than wearing masks, though doing both testing and masks is better than either one.

    In the UK, are all supermarket employees without masks tested at least every four days for results same day? That is the only known resolution to the puzzling question.

    This will be difficult for most people. See if you understand it:

    And, to make this weird and complicated, people who are NOT infected do NOT need the cloth masks of the general public. (Medical providers with N95 masks excepted). However, a person who is pre-symptomatic is a known high spreader; that is people who are not apparently sick but WILL BE in a day or two. Asymptomatic could be well and not infected, or infected without symptoms and never to be sick at all, or soon to be sick. "Soon to be sick" are pre-symptomatic. If people without symptoms do not wear masks, they do not know whether they are actually infected and will be sick because nobody predicts their own future wellness a day or two ahead. That is why we wear masks. The asymptomatic can spread the virus also, but pre-symptomatic are known as the "supercarriers" each infecting many people. This paragraph is a difficult one to understand and words selected carefully.

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    Yes, it's an automatic immunity.

  • 1 month ago

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