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Did i handle my bullying right?

my batch from grade school and high school would have four sections composed of 30 students each. During grade 4-6 i felt like i was in the wrong section. I had people who would make fun if me and bully me and i was classmates with them. I looked at the other sections and i wish i was there. I told my dad about this and he threatened to sue the school if they didnt do anything. I was crying at one point and the teachers never did anything to help. My school decided to do this. They let my parents make limited edits to the sections until I graduate as a solution to stop my bullying and to prevent me from being classmates with the bullies. My parents agreed on it. From Grade 7 until grade 12 i was never classmates with my bullies. I made friends who would protect me. However i still feel a bit shameful. My bullies found new victims and i feel bad for them. I see them hurt and sad. The bullys attitude hasnt died down. I felt like i should have done better instead of making edits on my classmates for the next years. 

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