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Why do you think he didn't text me?

I met the most dreamy guy of my life while standing on line at a bar in San Francisco where I currently live. He was there with his lacrosse bestfriend from college. He flirted & joked around with me in a very playful way. He walked into the bar and once I was admitted in, he walked over to me and he continued talking to me. He said he was moving to NYC in a couple of weeks and I told him I am from there but enrolled in gradschool here in SF. I touched his hand to show I was interested. He asked me if I wanted to dance but I told him I had to leave to meet up with friends. I expressed disappointment that we wouldn't be able to meet up as he was moving. He told me we would meet for a beer before he moved. I gave him my number and then I said goodbye. He seemed genuinely interested in me I believed. At the end of the night I saw him with his guy friend, there was no girl with him. He never texted me. I feel this is weird because if he was really interested he would have still texted me that night to say something even if he was moving away in a few weeks and didn't have time to hang out with me. I found it odd. Do you think a) he wasn't that interested after all b) he probably met someone else at the bar that night he was more interested in c) Maybe he was in the midsts of ending a relationship with a girlfriend before moving to the East Coast, so he was more preoccupied with her. Which one is more likely?


It's been a couple of weeks he already moved :/

Update 2:

He hadn't given me his number

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    I would guess d) He already has a girlfriend and she's moving with him, but he still likes to flirt.

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    Your guess is as good as mine. Why don't you text him first? 

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