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What do you think about the schools opening and now they had to close up because students and teachers got the virus?


I am glad my kids are finished with school. if they where in school, I would home school my children. parents had to know that if they send their children to school, they would land up with the virus. 

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  • Elaine
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    7 months ago
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    It's stupid to open schools when the number of Covid-19 cases is either still rising or at a high number. The goal should be to safely reopen schools and keep them open. American  school boards have had months to develop plans to reopen schools and so far there seems to be no coherent plan. Covid-19 has made it very clear that school  procedures and practices pre- pandemic no longer apply. 

     In the US it's ridiculous to allow each state educational district to make the decision about schools. What should have been done is to have an entire state wide strategy that applies to all schools instead of this piecemeal nonsense.  Better still would be to have a national plan.  At the very least students should be required to wear masks when they are in the school. I am not the least bit surprised that the school in Georgia, the one with the crowded hallway which went viral, has had to close for a couple of days because some staff and students tested positive for Covid-19. 

    US politicians, especially state governors have seen what happens when other countries reopened schools and many of them have  have failed to learn. 


  • 7 months ago

    It's a bad move to open schools until we have a reliable vaccine.  However, it does help the economy, at least until everyone gets the virus.  And don't forget that the teachers and yes, even the students, can be virus carriers even if they have no symptoms.

  • Sandy
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    7 months ago

    if one kid tests positive, they'll close all the schools and shout that it's Trump's fault. fine keep the little numbnuts at home. at least they won't be learning the socialist anti-American drivel liberal academia has been spewing out!

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