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bil asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

I agree Democrat executive action case by election s D 'speaker and D Press should be opposed - But is Trump actions to fix D policy legal?

Notice an 'emergency' caused by election go Democrat speakers and presidents in the 1930 and 12 years ago - Wad to 'fix' Democrat/RINO fed supervision of banking LOAN policies. And Both FDR and Obama failed by not recognizing the CAUSE of the disaster - Democrat voters. Trump quickly recognized the failure of N E Democrats and their 'voters.' 


Now Democrats are suing to oppose PROPER executive action to mitigate government caused disasters...Not Democrat style 'orders' that make Democrat/RINO actions WORSE.

Update 2:

Democrat looting of the treasury does not have any connection to treasury receipts....Felonious Democrat voter. Thus the over $ 20 Trillion 50 year great society debt ON AUTOMATIC Democrat pilot (mandatory Democrat spending) for items not motioned as federal powers.

Update 3:

And if YOU had the WIT to read the 4 pages of the constitution - with amendments...You would be SURE the constitution does not grant the power to loot the treasury for 'retirement' health, education or any other federal Democrat cash payments - WHICH are allowed at the state or local level.

Update 4:

So to summarize I agree Democrat actions to solve Democrat caused problems are failures, But that should not forbid Republican actions to solve problems caused by Democrat voters - see the 1860s war to shoot Democrats - ending that Democrat problem

Update 5:

And YOU ARE correct LINCOLN acted without authority to jail and shoot Southern and Northern Democrat...But in times of a Democrat caused disaster when Democrats act illegally. Mitigation is allowed until Democrats can be convinced - that say: burning down federal courthouses is BAD - even though - elected local  Democrats approve.

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    2 months ago
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    If they take Trump to court -- for trying to HELP Americans -- right at election time, I will laugh my ARRSSE off!!!

  • 2 months ago

    Wow, total word salad. Please avoid using words you clearly do not understand.

  • 2 months ago

    Trump's executive action is illegal and hurts Social Security and Medicare.  

    Instead, Trump should urge the Republican Senate to pass the HEROES Act that the Democratic-led House passed in May.  That is a useful bill that actually helps Americans.  

    Republicans have waited until the last minute to begin negotiating with the Democrats, thinking that Democrats would cave to the meager Republican offering.  Republicans thought wrong. 

  • 2 months ago

    I'm not sure what you're getting at. Last week Trump issued an Executive Order putting a hold on payroll taxes for people earning less than $100,000 a year. Those payroll taxes are what fund Social Security and Medicare.


    It's questionable whether he can defer the taxes like that to begin with since taxes are a function of Congress. Deferring means people still have to pay them off, just at a later point in time.


    He's also promising to just forgive the taxes altogether if he gets reelected, but he certainly does not have the authority to do that.

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