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Is modeling a good way to travel all around the world?

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    the Job or profession of "MODELING "  has no ASSURANCE  of  world travel  MODELING  or a MODEL  is described as a person  with a ROLE either to PROMOTE , DISPLAY , or ADVERTISE , commercial products (notably fashion clothing ) or to SERVE as a visual AID for people creating works of art , or to pose for photography .... those practices and behaviors can take place in any  location  and FIXED such as a specific studio  or location and NOT   have a element of WORLD TRAVEL

       for example  The " first Lady "  Mrs Trump ( Knauss )   got her VISITORS  VISA to the USA , later got her WORK VISA doing   PHOTO SHOOTS  then applied  for Permanent  residency EB-1 program , designed for people with " EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES " later SPONSORED  her parents  under CHAIN IMMIGRATION  that her husband claims he OPPOSES and desires to end that policy

    being First lady  may get you world travel ,

    or being a INTERNATIONAL  AIR LINE Flight Attendant , being a TRAVEL AGENT might  AU PAIR  CRUISE LINE worker  ESL teacher ( English as a 2nd language )  Foreign service worker  a DIPLOMAT  , international AID worker  Doctors without boarders  Traveling Nurse  international tour guide PEACE CORPS volunteer  a Photographer   National Geographic  international NEWS reporter  Translator a travel writer

    research Jobs with international travel

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    After the pandemic is over, look into flight attendant jobs and cruise ship hospitality jobs.  Sometimes personal assistants and nannies travel.

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    Yes, it possibly is a good way if you're lucky enough to be accepted as it's not quite as easy as might be led to believe. It might well be a lot easy to save up a fair amount and work during your time spent in each country, however, now might not be a good time considering the circumstances and travelling restrictions! 

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    No. You may go to places but not vacations and tourism. You will be following  tight and tirinf schedules.

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    No. Modelling is a good way to be constantly rejected. Very few ever make it that high in the business. Most end up working where they live and living where they work. And  right now no one is seeing the world. 

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    It is one way but not the only way.

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    No, not really. Only top models get to do that. It's rare. Being an airline attendant is the easiest way.

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    not right now...........

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