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Scared that my mom has cancer! ?

I know this is all assumptions but I suffer with anxiety and this been going on in my head every once a while for months. So, my mom has been suffering with GERD. Lately, she been having trouble eating. I haven’t heard her complain about it for a few weeks but the fact that she would feel her food get stuck while eating scares me. She also suffers with acid sensations, chest pain, and a bit of a cough. I’ve been telling her for weeks to go to the doctor but she hasn't. It’s mostly cause my Dad is extremely toxic at times and he doesn’t want anyone to go near Kaiser because of COVID. He will lose his ****. So here I am crying once again cause she had another acid reflux episode today and I’m absolutely terrified that she has esophagus cancer since it has a low chance of survival.


To the Lan Guy, 

I’m new to yahoo answers so I apologize that me using this format to ask anyone who ever experienced with GERD or anything familiar is an issue. Excuse me, I guess :/ and I do have a therapist so thanks for asking. 

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    1 month ago

    Just see the doctor for a diagnosis. Good luck!:)

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    I have had GERD for 15 years, I have not got cancer. The acid rising from the stomach causes a sore throat and cough.

    She can buy Nexium from a pharmacist, one a day, this reduces acid production.

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