Why did U.S Schools say they can't send a student home for not wearing a mask?

U.S Schools can send me home for being a girl and wearing dresses, leggings, skirts, shorts or tank tops and/or having a certain hairstyle because I might 'distract' the guys, yet U.S Schools can't send students home for not wearing a mask during a pandemic?  Do you middle age pedos really think guys are that easily distracted? They're going to stare are our boobs or butt no matter what we wear if they're into us, that is how attraction works right. Wearing dresses, leggings, skirts, shorts or tank tops and/or having a certain hairstyle isn't going to do a damn thing.


I don't think pseudo-normalcy is normalcy.  An actual return to normalcy would probably be New Zealand which has surpassed 100 days without a solitary corona virus case because they listened to experts.  You want to genocide our population so you can get a haircut, doesn't that sound particularly selfish.

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You need reading comprehension Undisclosed.

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    I don’t believe for one second that a school “can’t” send kids home for not wearing a mask. Every school has a dress code, and many of those dress codes are extremely sexist. I can totally understand banning clothing with gang symbols, racist or sexist slogans or images, and clothing that doesn’t cover private parts. Many schools don’t allow girls to wear sexy or revealing clothing, but don’t follow the same rules for boys. It’s basically implying that it’s a girl’s fault if a boy makes inappropriate sexual comments. Instead of blaming the boy who behaved badly, they blame the girl for wearing tight jeans. If schools can do that, they can require masks. If a student came to school with no pants, they would be sent home immediately, so why can’t they do it for masks? They can even provide the masks.

    I think many Americans are very selfish. They’re more concerned about their “rights” than the lives of others. I’m not sure what rights have been violated by wearing a mask anyway. Nobody has been able to name a single freedom that they lost due to a little piece of cloth. They all wear pants because they’re told to, so why not a mask?

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    Oh give it a rest you bleeding heart Liberal crybaby. 

    All you people want to do is go to war against Trump and his goal of getting our nation back to normal.

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    Man is a kind that has control and self brought attitudes for its all around,that,s why it can make whole a world sad too!

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