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I was raised bt not one but two narcissist parents.  Now i worry my life is doomed?

I am an extreme pushover invisible identity. I identify by how much pain i and abuse i can take without flinching (emotionally speaking).

I end up in "friendships" and situations with abusive boundary-pushers over & over. 

I wish normal people would ask me out / befriend me. 

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  • Having been raised by one parent who is a narcisstic person, my sympathy goes out to you.

    I am guessing that by normal, you mean: ones who are balanced emotionally? Hum, in this nasty world, there are not many. To be balanced emotionally, often entailes a lack of sympathy.

    My faith helps me greatly; without it, I would be a mess.

  • 1 month ago

    Maybe "normal" people would befriend you if you stopped blaming your problems on mommy and daddy.  Accept responsibility for your own fuckups.

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