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My son is 30 and has no health insurance no life insurance credit card companies trying to sue him, he has no savings. What did I do wrong ?

I’m kicking him out in 3 years do you think he will have enough money by then for at least a small apartment. Jobs keep firing him because they said he has trouble paying attention and remembering things. I talked to his bosses to try to make sure he wasn’t purposely quitting. They all said he never quit but they said his mind didn’t seem all there And they couldn’t keep trying to get him to understand the job because they had other people to train. If he can graduate college I’m sure he can work a basic job. This is getting out of hand. College is a hell of a lot harder than any job will ever be. I told him what is he gonna do if ends up having to go to the hospital he has no insurance he said just let him die if it comes down to it. He’s also said that he doesn’t have a lot of energy always feels tired and struggles to wake up in the morning. He’s very paranoid and always thinks people are gossiping about him. My brother suggested I get him into counseling but I can’t afford that. My brother told me either get help him or lose him you don’t have a choice. What does he not understand about I have enough things to pay I cannot afford it 

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  • d j
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    One person who's not trying to understand anything is you.

    Whatever is the issue with him, he can't control it. You have to enable him to lead a normal life.

    In your heart of hearts, you know that your son is not normal. He needs to get checked and treated. Only then will he be able to Support you and himself.

  • 3 months ago

    You're not responsible for an adult child's finances or behavior. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Get him on state medical aid. (medicaid) He ha a problem, mental or physical, see about getting him on disability to get some money coming in. But, do not pay for anything, let the state/city do it.

  • 3 months ago

    Sad story indeed, but I don't know what question you're asking us. Could you clarify? What do you want to know?

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