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Whats the logic behind trying to make a person take on a lifestyle they expressed they have no interest in?

This guy at work knows im a recovered alcoholic and dont have interest in drugs or alcohol. I also say eww and gross when he brings up sex to me..  I dont find it normal to tall about sex with a woman youre not married to especially if she says eww shut up when you being it up. He continuously tells me to smoke weed and drink and invites me repeatedly ro do so with him. Last time he said "do it for me".... Umm what? How does me potentially ruining my life help you in any way?

I really want to know his purpose cause if he wants free easy sex it cant be that hard to find plenty of dumb girls willing to do whatever he can think of....for free.

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    People tend to rely on  tactics that have worked for them, before.

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