My boyfriend messages my best friend everyday. I can't help but get jealous.?

I have been grounded for about 4-5 months now (yes I know its bad) and I am 15, my boyfriend is 16 and my best friend is 15 too. Me and my boyfriend draw for each other for our every single anniversaries, I thought I'd let you know. Since I haven't had my phone, my best friend has been very worried about me, so I agreed on her adding my boyfriend on snapchat and asking him how I am every once in a while. But for the past week or two, they started messaging everyday. They even came to the point where my best friend wanted him to draw for her and she would draw for him. They've never met before so, my boyfriend gave the drawing he made for her to me, so I could give it to her at school when it starts in September, and she would give me an envelope of her drawing/s for him to me and my boyfriend made me promise to open it up with him only. He didn't want me opening it on my own. A few days ago, me and my boyfriend a scuffle and I was the one being guilty, and today, when we were on call for the first time after that, he said something along the lines of "your best friend was there for me when you wasn't, she made me feel better and you didn't. How does that make you feel" and I just couldn't help but get emotional. It is 4am right now for me and I couldn't sleep all night but think that he likes her more than me. I've known my best friend for just a year and a half, and as far as I know, she's a very shy, quiet girl. I don't think she would hit on my boyfriend. But I'm not sure.

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  • 2 months ago

    Talk to your boyfriend about it. Communication is the foundation of every strong relationship. Don't be overly aggressive, just ask him if he's attracted to your friend and if he's still happy in your relationship. Talk to your friend and ask her if he's hit on her, too. I wish you luck.

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