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Anyone seen "Silent Warnings" (crop circle alien movie from 2003)?

The one released after "Signs." It's about a group of college kids who agree to help remake a farmhouse in an attempt to sell it, when they discover crop circles. 

There are some interesting comparisons

Alien-wise - "Signs" was scarier, because the aliens were more demonic and creepy-looking. In "Silent Warnings" it was your typical ETs, although there are some parallels in "Signs." In "Signs" it can be implied that aliens were doing exactly the same things the aliens here were, killing people and being hostile. 

"Silent Warnings" was way more of a sci-fi though. "Signs" was like horror with only some loose sci-fi in it. The spaceships are about as much as we see.

In "Silent Warnings" we see beams from an unseen ship in the end.

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  • 2 months ago

    kids...remaking a selll...not only is that impossible but i makes no sense

  • Webbo
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    2 months ago

    No but you got me curious, as I like the movie " Signs " I'll probably check Silent warnings out.

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