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My friend goes with escorts. . What i do ? ?

my best friend has taken the habit of going with escorts, is it illegal in nj? what is at risk? only if the police find him with a blitz?

He says me that some escorts are beautiful, with Big **** and whore's mentality. But: 

1. .. is it illegal in nj? 

2 what is at risk? only an amends 

3 is a risk only if the police find him in a blitz?

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    Call your local police department and ask to speak to an officer.  When they ask what they can do for you ask them if they can help you with a story you are working on.  If they are willing start by outlining your story letting them know your main character visits escorts on a regular basis but that his best friend is concerned about his behavior.  Ask the officer your numbered questions and any other follow-up questions their answer reveal.  Once all your question have been answered thank the officer for their time.

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