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Can anyone relate to being uncomfortable with 90% of clothes?

I feel comfortable with very few types of clothing. It's not an insecurity thing because i'm like this on all aspects (like food, places, people,...) I don't know the reason why i'm like this but it doesn't bother me not knowing.

It's stuff like the length, the texture and the colours that make me physically uncomfortable if they're not right.Most people i know sorta understand because they can relate on a smaller scale but i get the impression that they think i'm high maintenance. I mean, that could be the reason i'm not sure.Anyway I was just wondering if anyone could relate to this and i'd love to know your theory as to why you might be like that.

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    2 months ago
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    It might be an autism spectrum thing. I have very, very sensitive skin and am hyper-aware of anything itchy or tags or tightness or restrictions. Etc. I can't wear a bra. I can't wear shoes for more than a couple hours. Stray hair or lint on my skin drives me crazy. Like crawling ants. It's a sensory disorder.

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