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In regards of Power of attorney?

Hi guys need some genuine help. Family situation is rough. Mother has severe mental health issues simply refuses to do anything. Me and my siblings have tried countless time. Everything we have said has fallen on deaf ears. Money's tight ive been furloughed (like lots of others) and I'm not getting that much. She can't work. So bills are starting to get pretty high 900+ in rent and 3000+ gas and electric. Me and my sister try our best but as you can imagine it's not that easy. We pay for everything and what little money we have goes on bills. She hides her bank cards from us we need info like that to claim universal credit for her. I've made plans with local council they are aware of her mental health issues.there sending over some documents so I can manage her housing situation. I'm also considering acquiring power of attorney over her affairs. I do all that stuff anyway. If I do will this enable me to claim housing benefit on her behalf. She also gets child tax and money for our youngest sibling from our father she hides her money cards from us and refuses to contribute to the Household in anyway. She has received a large sum of money from her work place in the form of sick pay. And refuse to help pay any portion of it. We have explained to her a gazillion times. We not gonna steak Ur money your our mother we all live in this house and it would be nice if your contributed something Any help with this/how to help her with her mental health would be sincerely appreciated

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    Stop helping her with any money, she will screw herself or start doing the right thing.

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    Big problem:  YOU DON'T SAY HOW OLD YOU ARE!

    But let's assume that you are at least 18 years old and thus an adult.

    You and your sister still both live in your mother's home and she is a disabled adult.

    The laws are different in every state, but I can tell you that getting someone's power of attorney for their money matters is incredibly hard if they do not want to cooperate.  You will have to go to court and plead your case to a judge and she can attend the court hearing and claim her rights to be free.

    As far as obtaining the Power of attorney for a person, a disabled person, is incredibly hard to get and also entails a court hearing where she has to attend and assert her rights.

    As far as her mental  health goes, you cannot force someone to take the necessary medications they need to remain stable.  Only a court can demand that.  You cannot hospitalize her unless you can prove that she is a danger to herself and others.

    In short, it is almost impossible to get control over another human being or their financial affairs without their written consent.

    Right now, you are living in your mother's home and you are supporting her completely....she contributes nothing.  She doesn't have to and she doesn't want to.  And even though you have spoken to her about contributing a fair share, she refuses.

    If you moved out and abandoned her, she would not pay her bills and would be out on the street with nowhere to live and end up at a homeless shelter with a lot of other chronically mentally ill people.

    I advise you to go to your local health department and ask to talk to someone there who can advise you on obtaining Social Security, Public Aid or food stamps.  Some local health departments have free legal advise.  Look in your phone book for their number and then go there in person.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

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    While we may be able to offer some advice regarding her mental health issues, you are asking,here, legal questions which should properly be asked of an attorney. Please write again , be brief and to the point, and describe what's going on with your mother. Thank you.

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