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anxious puppy ?

I adopted a 5 month old puppy 3 days ago from my local no kill animal shelter and he is a little scared of everything. What are some tips I can use to make him more confident. I am teaching him the basic commands for example all he knows now is to sit and will be teaching him the others later on. He’s scared of the car no matter if they’re on or off he’s afraid of other dogs we see while walking he’s afraid of strangers and also at the pet shops he is timid and shy. I know it’ll take a while for him to fully be comfortable and confident 


He was born at the shelter and was never in a Forster home and he is up to date with shots 

Update 2:

I do have a “play date” schedule with a dog trainer for him 

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    So you have a lot to do, daily/twice daily lead walks and be quiet, not praising him, no petting him, just walk as he is anious, so very fearful and if you pet/praise you are telling him you want him to feel like that and you don't........ I sat in silence with a very anxious pup for an hour each day for two weeks on a bench in the village as people/dogs walked past and cars drove by,  she hid under the bench behind my legs shaking although the shaking lessened after a few days she hid for the first 10 days, then I noticed she would look out, the day after she sat very close but in front of me, so she lerned no one would hurt her, I was not forcing her to meet/greet people and she slowly realised that building her own confidence... anxious dogs are very difficult, your obedience training needs to be very good and daily, little and often NILIF is perfect  book dog training classes asap and don't leave the pups training for another day, do it today as the sooner you get into the habit the quicker he will begin to build confidence and learn

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    You've only had him for 3 DAYS fgs.   Give him time to settle in and come to terms with what's happened to him.   Do NOT overload him with training because it's not going to stick.  And you'll make him more anxious and bewildered than he probably already is.

    After the first 24 - 48 hours, best practice is to take any new dog/puppy to your own vet for a health check so you know you are good to go.   And then back off a bit!

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    give him some time to adapt to his new home first

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    He should NOT be out in public until he is examined and evaluated by a Vet.  I adopted an abused dog.  There were no shot records.  The Vet advised that the dog go NOWHERE until I had proof his shots were  up to date.

    My dog was also very fearful, and the Vet recommended "play dates" with me present.

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