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Ear infections from piercings: are some people just more lucky than others?

At risk of sounding dumb, I just wanted to ask if a person's susceptibility to infected ear piercings can be just a matter of bad luck. Or is it really just a matter of hygiene? I'm asking mainly because i've gotten my ears pierced in the past at the exact same time as my friends at a piercing shop (that used a piercing gun) and my piercing never got infected while one of my friends' piercings did (and we had all gotten it in the same area of the ear at around the lobe) despite the fact that both of us had made sure to clean around the piercing regularly and so on. So with that said, is it possible for a person's body to just naturally be more susceptible to an ear infection like that or is it really just a matter of hygiene and poper maintenance?

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    Some people might heal better / quicker. 

    Some people are better at looking after them.

    And piercing with a gun increases the likelihood of infections (the gun can't be fully sterilised; and the method of piercing, ie shooting a blunt spike into the ear, is more traumatic than a needle), so it may be down to that. 

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