Puerto Ricans Are Not Immigrants ?

For years I have noticed that Spanish-speaking people not from Puerto Rico envy and despise Puerto Ricans. I bet this envy and anger stems from immigration status. Puerto Ricans are not immigrants because Puerto Rico is part of the United States. So, if you are born in Puerto Rico or NYC, you are a LEGAL U.S. CITIZEN. People from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, but especially Mexicans envy and despise Puerto Ricans. You say? 

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    1 month ago
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    Puerto Rico is not part of the US< it is a US territory, a big difference.   Yes they are citizens and you do not need a passport to go from there to the US.    I have never heard of anyone being jealous of the PR community

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    1 month ago

    Puerto Rico is a Territory of the US. They are citizens in that they can travel to the US without a passport, but they are also non voting citizens. 

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    1 month ago

    Except for the people from the parts of Nova Hispania that's now part of the US. They're both US and Mexican at the same time ... I think they call themselves Hispanio now, right?

    It doesn't matter everyone in the US thinks all of you Spanish speakers are illegal Mexicans.

    And do you want to hear something really funny? As real European Latin who's family never spoke Spanish, who doesn't come from Iberia Hisapnia or Mesoamerica. I can't tell you apart either .... and btw, I live in the US.

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    It might be that some individuals from Central and South America feel a bit of hostility toward Puerto Ricans, but we can't conclude that all Spanish-speakers do.

    Indeed, the USA often treats Puerto Rico like a booger it can't flick off its finger.  It's a territory - basically a possession of the USA - whose people can't even vote in American elections.  There's little to "envy" in that situation.

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    And alot of them are of European ancestry, where i live and in Grindr i get hit on alot by white Puerto Rican men, so there's multiplex of them here. I don't get why they keep insisting in the one drop rule. Also, in Bayamon and Levittown there's plenty of them.

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