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I keep asking online classmates for help but they don’t respond ?

I keep asking them for help but nobody ever replies. When they ask for help I answer back and I even gave one girl a book we needed for a project for free because I was done with it and she couldn’t get a copy of it for some reason so I gave it to her for free. I asked her for help recently and she ignored me. I gave another girl all my answers for an assignment and when I asked her a simple question she also ignored me. Many others also ignore. I don’t ask the professors for help because they answer with blunt mean replies.. they don’t really help so I have been paying tutors 100s to get answers my classmates could answer :(

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    Sounds like you are trying to buy friendship with these people who obviously don't care about you very much.  They don't mind taking off you and using your brain to answer things they cannot - but they give nothing back.  They are not your friends.  Continue to look after yourself and your own schoolwork.  You, like they, are a pupil.  You aren't their teacher.  If they don't know, let them ask the questions and get the mean answers you've had on their behalf.

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    This is why you shouldn’t go out of your way to help everyone. It’s definitely a kind gesture however,  the 

    other people of your class have a responsibility to complete their work and access whatever equipment and books they require for their classes, that’s not on you to help them with their work or provide them with materials. Help them figure out what they have to do without giving an answer but don’t do it excessively like you are doing. Anyhow it is better to ask your professors even though they may appear blunt and mean they will be able to give meaningful answers to your questions, and your tutors. They are a reliable source of information so use them. 

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