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Joe Biden is out riding a Bike getting exercise, Can Trump even ride a bike or get aboard one?

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    Trump probably can't ride a bike. 

    I'm serious.  He's probably never ridden a bike since his early childhood and maybe not even then.  We know from multiple reports that Trump doesn't like to exercise.  He does golf fairly regularly, much more than Obama who he regularly criticized for golfing too much, but he eliminates almost all exercise value from it by using a golf cart.  Since he usually golfs on courses he owns he's even able to drive the cart onto the green, completely eliminating the need for him to walk.  We also know from people that know Trump that he has this bizarre belief that humans are born with a finite amount of energy and that exercising or playing sports depletes those energy reserves.  So he doesn't exercise much.  Finally, we've got a lot of evidence that Trump, despite his pretense to extreme manliness, is very uncoordinated and perhaps frail.  We all saw his much mocked shuffle down a ramp at West Point.  While Trump lied about the ramp being wet (it was a clear day in West Point) he did have a point that it didn't have a railing and was kind of steep.  But if Trump is afraid of falling on a ramp do you think he'd ever climb on a bike?  Trump's faltering performance on the ramp is also linked to his reported fear of stairs.  We can see this when he exits Air Force One: he always has a death grip on the handrail.  During the Obama administration he once criticized Obama on twitter for "running" up the steps to Air Force One, something that Trump deemed unsafe.  Trump's fear of stairs may be linked to a lack of coordination.  We've all seen the bizarre way he drinks water, holding the glass with two hands like a little baby.  If he has that much trouble drinking water then he may have trouble navigating stairs.  And if that's the case then he'd sure as **** have trouble maintaining balance on a bike. 

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    Biden obviously has the confidence of a 6 year old. No helmet.

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    Joe Biden lives in a basement and sucks his thumb.

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    The President rides Bicycle One. btw, what you saw was a Biden photo op, like when Obama went target shooting.

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